Looking Inwards with Intention: An Introduction to Meditation and the Philosophy of Yoga with Caitlin Timmons

Saturday, June 23, 2 PM - 4 PM at Thames 1916

Price: $30 for those with a class pass (Member), $35 otherwise (Non-member)

Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing a while, the intention is always the same: to move more deeply into the self, right now, in the present moment. This is the challenge yoga presents to us, and, if we commit to listen with awareness and without judgment, we inevitably find a freedom and softness that was always there.

In this workshop we will explore some basic principles of yoga, learning how those guidelines help us in our physical practice and beyond. We will talk about meditation as a central pillar of the yoga practice, and discuss what meditation is, how we can bring it into our poses, and how we can bring it into our lives.

The workshop will include a 45 minute experiential component: we will move through asanas and end with a guided meditation. 

Please bring a pen and paper, as we will spend a little time working with short writing exercises and a handout.