Buena Onda Circle


"I have been amazed by the people I've met through Buena Onda Yoga and feel truly awed and delighted that so many have found a nurturing ground here, helping them to launch other projects, make big moves and develop in such exciting ways. 

I hope to capture these stories and follow each person's growth and development here so that we can stay connected and inspired as one big supportive yoga community!

If practicing with us here at Buena Onda Yoga has been an meaningful part of your own journey then we would love to hear your story and feature you below too. Just get in touch via the contact page."

Meghan Lewis, Co-Founder of Buena Onda Yoga


Kathryn Trigg

I have been in Buenos Aires now for almost 8 years and was one of the first teachers at Buena Onda Yoga.  Meghan has always been a close friend to me and a relationship I have cherished over the years.... read more.

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Nicole Weyandt

I got involved with Buena Onda Yoga after I had been living in Buenos Aires for about a year as a graduate student and was still finding it difficult to adjust life in the city. I felt like I was flitting around in the metropolis... read more.



Suzie Smith

After ten months of travelling I finished my Latin American adventures by becoming part of the beautiful Buena Onda Circle - giving this website a full makeover and planning a 'Yoga Brunch' event at the studio, all thanks to the encouragement and infectious enthusiasm of the co-founder, Meghan... read more.



Sara Thomsen

While living in Buenos Aires studying and teaching Tango, I reached out to Buena Onda Yoga about offering Forrest Yoga at their studio. Meghan responded with an amazing open heart and genuine interest... read more.

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Carolyn Banner

Since moving to Buenos Aires from Chicago in 2011, the Buena Onda Yoga community has been my chosen family and the most reassuring part of my new life after moving across the world. I first met wonderful and sparkly Meghan in December 2010 on a visit to BA about 9 months before we knew we'd be moving down for a few years. After taking a fun and also challenging class with Meghan in the old Belgrano studio, I knew that I had found my tribe... read more

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Stefanie Kleinburd

I met Meghan just as I was launching my women’s health coaching practice, Luz Femenina, in Buenos Aires. The timing was everything and I couldn’t have imagined how impactful our connection would be... read more

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