Meet our team of internationally certified instructors. 


Meghan Lewis

Meghan started taking yoga classes at 15, received a degree in holistic health from the Evergreen State College and trained in an intensive Iyengar-based teacher training at The Yoga Loft in San Francisco, California. 

Born in Colorado, Meghan co-founded Buena Onda Yoga in 2009 and created the Buena Onda Podcast in 2017. She continues to teach private and group classes in Buenos Aires and abroad. 

In 2010 Meghan began opening her home for weekly dinners at her closed door restaurant Jueves a la Mesa offering spicy plant based meals. She also sells homemade, honey sweetened dark chocolate: Chocolates de la Mesa


Jessica Corwin

Jess has been practicing and exploring various types of yoga for 20 years. In 2010, she received her 200 hour Sivananda Yoga certification in South America and has been teaching at Buena Onda Yoga for five years.  Along with yoga, she practices Thai massage and is always craving new ways to broaden her knowledge on healing the body and mind.  

Jess strives to bring a sense of fun, curiosity, freedom and self-love into her classes with hopes that people leave with a deeper understanding of their self. She encourages students to step out of their comfort zones, go upside down, try something new and to celebrate the little things. She guides her students through creative flows with a focus on alignment and breath. Currently traveling throughout Central America, Jess is available for private instruction. Contact us to set up an online or in person session with Jess


Christine Gilbert

Christine grew up in the wilds of Texas and began her yoga training in Austin.

In 2014, Christine moved to Bali, Indonesia to get her 200 hr RYT apprenticeship with her mentor, Denise Payne, founder of One Song Yoga.  She later returned to Bali for a 100 hr RYT, specifically focusing on yin yoga and myofascial release. Christine moved to Shenzhen, China, and began Bitch, Please Yoga.

Here in Buenos Aires, Christine is a writer and student of circus arts. She began teaching at Buena Onda Yoga in 2016 where she teaches fun and challenging vinyasa classes, and more passive yin/myofascial classes to stretch connective tissue around the joints and breath air slowly into the places that need it most.


Nicola Tarbuck

Nicola started her career in contemporary dance at the Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. Knee and back injuries led her to the the magic of remedial Pilates. Her therapeutic work fuses Pilates, yoga, and massage. Her classes at Buena Onda combine the breathwork and mindfulness of yoga, core strengthening of Pilates, and the freedom of movement inspired from release technique and dance training.

She says, “All I ask is that you enter my class with an open mind, and I promise I will help you to open your heart.” As a regular student I (Meghan) will add that she’ll make the rest of your body burn while the heart is opening, but the relaxation at the end makes it all worth it.

She describes Buena Onda Yoga as a space for nourishment, fun and and a wonderful community of sharing and love. When she’s not sparkling with us she’s massaging the celebrities that come through town and doing physical therapy with the athletes from Cirque du Soleil.


Nabeel Atique

Nabeel first discovered yoga at a rock climbing gym in the San Francisco Bay Area. when he was 26. More than a great way to stretch, yoga became a way to connect the mind and the body, and attain focus in one’s life. He left an engineering career in 2004, following his heart and has been teaching college mathematics full time since 2006. In 2014 he completed a 200 hour Teacher Training at YogaWorks in Southern California. Just like he loves the diversity of students in his math classes, he loves the different styles of yoga and more importantly the uniqueness each student brings to a yoga class.

Nabeel focuses on alignment and injury prevention. He believes that anyone can take any class as long as they listen to their body. Modifications are awesome! He sees Yoga as a great way to complement other physical activities.

Nabeel grew up in London, Rome, Mumbai and Dhaka and speaks Bengali, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu and Italian. He is an avid traveler and in his spare time he writes travel articles. You can read about his adventures, including how he survived the Thailand's 2004 tsunami, at www.nabeelatique.com .


Amie Burrell

Amie started doing yoga at a local gym when she was fifteen. Classes left her feeling calm and centered, something that she hadn’t felt possible at that time. She has explored many different styles of yoga and began her training in Anusara yoga in 2012, then finished a 200 hr training in Vinyasa yoga in 2015.

Also a trained massage therapist, she loves to explore all kinds of creative body movement, including dance, contact, authentic movement, biodanza. She’s currently working towards her master’s in mental health, counseling and expressive arts therapy.

She hopes give students is a sense of empowerment by cultivating awareness of the different parts of ourselves and how to integrate. She likes being part of a community that helps people connect in an environment of care and exploration.

Amie’s restorative massages are heavenly. Email her to schedule a massage. 

norma iov.jpeg

Norma Iov

Teaches our only Spanish Language class Friday 7pm

De chica tomó sus primeras clases de yoga con una profesora amiga de sus padres, sin tener idea de qué se trataba. Si bien practicaba otras actividades físicas, nunca olvidó la sensación de libertad física y mental que sentía durante y al finalizar las clases de yoga. En 1991 se recibió de Diseñadora Gráfica en la UBA, y años mas tarde decidió hacer el profesorado de yoga en el Instituto Yoga Kai (2009) y de Yogaterapia en Centro Ananda Yoga (2012). Para ella la práctica de Yoga ayuda a vivir el “aquí y ahora”, y dejar el “piloto automático a un lado”. Y esto trata de transmitir en sus clases, reflexionar en cada asana, sentir cada respiración, dedicando el tiempo necesario para alcanzarlas sin esfuerzo, pero con intención. 

Sus posturas favoritas: Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog - Perro Cabeza Abajo) entre otras cosas, relaja la mente y alivia el estrés, además de aportar mucha energía al cuerpo. Y las posturas de equilibrio que aumentan la coordinación, la concentración y el control del cuerpo. Además del Yoga y el Diseño Gráfico, también disfruta de cantar y tocar música.

“Si cuidamos la raíz del árbol, la fragancia y las flores vendrán por sí mismas. Si cuidamos el cuerpo, la fragancia de la mente y el espíritu vendrán por sí mismos”. B. K. S Iyengar.

Agradece pertenecer a BOY, por la calidad profesional y humana de quienes lo integran. Dar clases a extranjeros para ella es una nueva experiencia. Le agrada sentirse “un poquito extranjera” dentro de su querida Argentina.