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Attend any class that fits your schedule without pre-registration. We provide mats, straps, and blocks. You can pre-pay online or with cash in class (either dollars or pesos). 

Everyone is welcome, from first timers to long-time students. No matter what other activities and habits your life includes, yoga makes life better.


Please note that there are no signs at either of the studios, but the addresses listed below are correct. 

It's best if you can come 5 minutes before class starts. 

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

We teach a flowing, vinyasa style of yoga which helps you to connect with your breath while strengthening and energizing the body.

Yin Yoga

We offer a yin class on Thursdays in San Telmo. This class is half myofascial release and half yin yoga. the class sequences long held poses, providing ample time for the breath to encourage release.



we offer private classes in person or online instruction via skype. The following prices are for Private classes with up to two people.

US$65 for one,$175 for three,$340 for six, or $540 for 12. For Larger Group classes, prices vary. For more information and to schedule a session, click the button below.