The Podcast that Makes Me a Better Person

I'm headed to Miami where I’ll spend my birthday with two former Buena Onda teachers, Jess Weiss and Nichole Patxot (and my mom and Emily) to begin a tour around the Southeast before we head to Colorado and then California.

 I’m not anticipating full contemplation days during the trip, but I will continue to listen to Tara Brach. I have recommended Tara Brach to all my friends and family, and she’s on our influencer list for Buena Onda Yoga. She’s an evolutionary psychologist who started her adult life living in a yoga and meditation community and now is a meditation and mindfulness teacher. I love the way she refers to evolution and biology to explain human tendencies that we often believe we are alone in having. She reminds us that repeatedly succumbing to our fears or being selfish (for example) is natural because of how we are wired, but that we are also wired to be able to overcome those tendencies.

 When I hear the opening music of the Tara Brach podcast I exhale a little deeper. She has several talks in spanish on her site and recently released some meditations as well. Whatever language you listen in, I really encourage you to check her out. She weaves in funny stories and anecdotes as well as meditations to practice her techniques within each talk. The shorter separate meditations focus on bodily sensation, like really great guided savasanas.

 Some of my favorite episodes are Vulnerability, Intimacy and Spiritual Awakening parts 1&2, and Absolute Cooperation with the Inevitable. I love to listen to her talks while doing yoga, and I keep a notebook nearby. Both parts of Happiness is Possible are particularly practical and enlightening. Listening to Tara Brach is seriously a gift to yourself.