We Are Making a Podcast

I’ve been in Buenos Aires for almost 9 years and somehow have the huge wonderful pleasure of being part of a vibrant music scene. What I remember learning in school is that Latin America provided beef and wheat. I vaguely knew that there had been advanced cultures here before Europeans arrived, but really all of our world history was focused on Europe. I was not left to feel that Latin America gave the world art or philosophy (or music)  of note.

“Western” has somehow become a milder synonym for civilized, whatever that means, and does not include Latin America even though we’re the ones sharing a hemisphere. “Westerners” look East for spiritual guidance and ways to connect to self or something larger. While I love yoga and spent all of my 20’s living in yoga communities, I think we should also do some looking down. Like down at the ground beneath our feet. The cultures native to the Americas have much to offer the modern world, especially in terms of our relationship to plants, the earth, and other beings. I’ve experienced openness and fluidity between modern thinking and ancient wisdom in Latin America. People generally value human interaction even when it means decreased efficiency. Indigenous cultures still influence people’s ideas and expectations about success and well being. Many musicians are using traditional music as inspiration to create delightful audible journeys that offer a delicious sense of place.

I’m working on a podcast that will be a place for my friends and our larger community (from the Americas, and beyond) to share practices and perspectives so that hopefully we all get a fuller sense of each other, and so that our combined knowledge and heart energy helps us create better ways to care for each other and the planet.

We come into the present moment through our senses. What’s so great about the present moment? It’s the only moment where we have any choice or control or way to direct our lives. It’s where we get to experience all the juicy stuff. Our bodies are what allow tasting, smelling, seeing, listening, and our bodies can move! Moving is a great way to quiet the incessant mind activity that often blocks perception and sensation. Aside from yoga music is what most moves me.

I want the podcast to be a place for those musicians to share space with wellness workers. I hope for it to open up conversation between people approaching life as an artistic experiment in cooperation with something larger than ourselves. I want it go give my northern friends a taste of what’s going on here. I want you all to share music and how you care for your bodies, these vessels that allow us to experience Life.

We’ve already recorded our first episode with an interview and as yet unreleased track from Kaleema. We will launch the podcasts once our new website is active so look for them starting in June.