Teacher Q&A: Amie Finds Life Inherently Healing

Buena Onda Yoga teacher Amie Shares Her Favorite Things and Then Some

We have a diverse and international group of individuals in the Buena Onda Yoga community. All amazing in their own unique ways, we wanted to get to know them a little better. After asking Christine and Jess the same questions, we turn our focus towards Amie to find out more about her life and yoga practice.

Q. How long have you been practicing yoga?

A. I have been practicing yoga for about fifteen years. I first started when I was in high school. I found a class in a gym close to my home and it sparked my interest.

Q. What did it change for you?

A. I remember feeling so much clarity and peace after those classes, something that was hard to find for me at that time of my life. Yoga continues to bring these qualities to my life, as well as a sense of balance and embodiment. 

Q. Why BOY?

A. I feel aligned with the BOY values of inclusion and the sense of lightness and fun that those values bring to yoga. I have found BOY to be a warm and welcoming community as well as a place of inspiration for my yoga practice. The teachers each have their unique talents and interests, and it is lovely to see the way this influences their yoga practice. I also enjoy hearing the diverse stories of students that come to my classes.

Q. What do you appreciate about Buenos Aires?

A. What I appreciate about living in Buenos Aires is the sense of creativity that it brings to my daily life. I find that the unpredictable and chaotic mess of the city presents me with a constant practice to let go and live in the moment. Outside of Buenos Aires, I am amazed by the beauty and diversity of nature that you can find in Argentina. 

Q. What motivates you?

I find life to be inherently healing. By that I mean we constantly are presented with the opportunity to grow, learn, forgive, love, and create beauty with what is given to us. This is what motivates me both on and off the yoga mat :) 

If you want to learn more about Amie, you can find her on FB.