Teacher Q&A: Christine, Slouchy Sweaters and Circus Arts

Buena Onda Yoga teacher Christine Shares Her Favorite Things and Then Some

We have a diverse and international group of individuals in the Buena Onda Yoga community. All amazing in their own unique ways, we wanted to get to know them a little better, so we started by asking one of our teachers, Christine, a few questions about her life and yoga practice. Here's the result of that inquiry. 

Q. How long have you been practicing yoga?

A. Six and a half years.

Q. What did yoga change for you?
A. Yoga helped me to become more flexible--not only in my body, but in my attitudes towards others who differed from me. The practice also gave me a physical metaphor of how faith is an active, daily choice.

Q. Why Buena Onda Yoga?
A. I found Buena Onda yoga in China, while surfing the web in my office. As an expat living in China, I had experienced several health problems due to being in a new environment outside the United States. Meghan's creative approach to helping expats (and Argentines) inspired me to do the same on the other side of the world, eventually leading to me starting my own yoga business in Shenzhen. Once I moved to South America, I contacted Meghan, asking to join the team.

Q. What is a thing or two you appreciate about Buenos Aires/Argentina?
A. Mate, slouchy sweaters, cats, circus arts.

Q. What is your motivations?
A. My motivation for what I am committed to stems from my relationship with Jesus. I like seeing how grace changes people--in life and in yoga.

To learn more about Christine, you find her on Instragram @see_christine_run