A Love Letter to Jess

I’ve been wanting to write Jessica Corwin a love letter and what better delivery date than Valentine’s Day?

Jess has been teaching for Buena Onda Yoga for at least 5 years and her enthusiasm is consistently fresh and she keeps her classes interesting by educating herself and experimenting with new types of yoga and new sequences. Jess’s teaching voice is stronger and clearer than ever and she is beloved by her private students as well as our larger community. Off the mat she manages the schedule, does accounting, and organizes teacher practices. I would feel lost without her and appreciate her steady, calm, organized self immensely.

Jess seems to see more possibility for the studio each year. She keeps getting more committed to helping expand Buena Onda and seems ever more excited about how we can use it as a platform to bring more love into the world. She’s always the first one to say “Yes, let’s do it Meg.”

Thank you Jess for making flow yoga classes interesting, and for rewarding us with delicious savasana head massages. Thank you for your graceful movements and tempting tattoos and clear instructions that let us rest our minds while we nurture our bodies. Thank you for the words you say before namaste that let us rest in presence for a lasting moment before we leave the mat. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and laughing and letting me know when I need to make changes. Happy day to you, thanks for sharing yourself with me and Buena Onda. I know I’m not alone in my gratitude to you.